Honest and Halal Desserts in Singapore with Simply Sinless

Islamic Marketing Interview Simply Sinless

What does it take to run a halal bakery in Singapore which also aims to empower people through its baking workshops and flea festivals for micro-businesses? We spoke to Simply Sinless and its director and founder Miss Aisyah Jumari to find out more.

Tell us about your role and experience in marketing your product to the Singapore Muslim community.

Our role in marketing our product is to create an awareness of honest and halal desserts to the Singapore Muslim community.

Generally, the experience is rewarding. We learnt that there is a lot to do be done to market our product to the community. We also learnt that consumers can be pretty receptive with new product launches.

What are some of your marketing initiatives in targeting your product to the Singapore Muslim market?

We partnered with a micro influencer in the Muslim market such as Halal Food Hunt to reach out to the Singapore Muslim Market.

We also occasionally market our products on the Halal Caf├ęs & Restaurants Facebook page.

How have you tried to also target the larger non-Muslim market in Singapore to your product?

We are in the right Place for the non-Muslim market. Our bakery is situated in the heart of the Chinese and Korean food paradise at North Bridge Road and Beach Road area.

They appreciate our presence as they are familiar with the area and we are a go-to place when they want to ensure their Muslim family and friends can enjoy together with them.

What are some of the challenges you face in marketing your product in Singapore?

Consumers are spoilt for choices. What poses as a real challenge is to ensure we can get brand loyalty from our consumers who will market for us without us marketing our products heavily.

Since we want to ensure that consumers are not price sensitive, we have create marketing content that shares the value of our products.

5 years ago the results of our marketing campaign translated to high sales volume. However, with some coding changes and tweaks to the platform we used to rely on, we now spend more in order to maintain high sales conversions.

What are some marketing lessons you have learnt in your experience?

Product quality and price are not the only factors that move consumers to purchase and remain loyal to our products.

Product launches must be done at the right place and at the right time to have substantial sales conversions.