My Global Halal Hub Supermarket

My Global Halal Hub Supermarket Singapore

If you’re looking for a supermarket that sells all Halal food and items in Singapore, one place to visit is MyOutlets Global Halal Hub. Located in Chai Chee at Bedok, this supermarket which features more than 8,000 global products positions itself as the biggest Halal Supermarket in Singapore.

My Global Halal Hub Musollah Prayer Room

In addition to its Halal certified products from accredited Halal certification bodies, the supermarket also facilitates the needs of the Muslim shopper with the inclusion of a comfortable prayer room or musollah in its premise. With this, Muslim shoppers need not rush in their shopping or schedule their shopping trips at inconvenient times, as they can perform their prayers in between the shopping experience.

My Global Halal Hub EducationAnother interesting feature in this supermarket is its education of the benefits of Halal via its wall posters. While Muslim shoppers will feel more confident with such affirmations, these posters also help to educate non-Muslims on the benefits of Halal food. This is important in Singapore where the majority of its population are non-Muslims, in which such messaging can appeal to the more universal values that Halal contains such as safety and quality, thereby attracting non-Muslims as well to brand Halal.